School Bookings


Irene Dairy Farm has always enjoyed the sound of laughter as children who visit thoroughly enjoy themselves. We welcome any schools wishing to visit our farm as we love sharing our venue and farm animals with excited little people.

We do, however, have a few ground rules when it comes to school bookings so please take note of the following:

  • The cost per child to visit Irene Dairy Farm is R40. This includes a kiddie’s meal for each child. Teachers and parents can order from our menu at their own cost.
  • Unfortunately, we do not offer guided tours of the farm but school groups are welcome to walk around the premises and view our cows, swans, etc.
  • We only permit school booking visits on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • The milking of our cows can be viewed between 14h00 and 15h30.
  • We allow a maximum of 40 children in a school booking group per visit and require at least one adult for every 10 children visiting.
  • Please note that we require a permission letter prior to your visit which can be arranged through the Irene Estates office on 012 667 1000 or on email,
  • Confirmation of your visit needs to be done at least 7 days in advance.
  • Any additional food and drinks are to be purchased from The Dairy Shop as we do not allow visitors to bring their own food and drinks for consumption into the premises.

Once the permission letter has been received, our office will draw up your school booking permission pass. You can collect this from the farm’s admin office on the day of your visit. This pass must be kept with you at all times during your visit.

Please note that our farm gates are open from 07h30 to 18h00.

It’s also important to remember that school booking groups are only allowed access to the public areas on the farm. No entry to private property through open, closed or locked gates, fences or walls, fields, sheds and stables is strictly enforced. This is for the safety of our farm animals as well as our visitors.

For school booking enquiries, please contact Irene Estates on 012 667 1000 or email,