Roadshow and markets


Showcasing your products is one of the key tools to marketing. A ‘Show and tell’ set up allows potential customers to view what they are spending their hard earned cash on and it’s a great opportunity for corporates to promote their brands effectively.

Pop up markets are all the rage as many consumers are looking for original, handmade products that exude creativity. Irene Dairy Farm offers the ideal location for your market with the farm style atmosphere contributing to the ambience of homemade style.

Corporates looking for an exhibition or roadshow venue will enjoy what the farm has to offer too. Visitors always appreciate the countryside feel and relaxed surrounds making an exhibition or roadshow all the more enjoyable. Away from the hustle and bustle of conventional style venues, Irene Dairy Farm will allow both exhibitors and their clients the opportunity to engage on an informal platform with business being the main order of the day.

Irene Dairy Farm is the perfect location for any type of product or brand. Visitors to the farm always leave feeling like they’ve escaped the city for the day, even if their visit entails ‘work’. A happy, relaxed customer becomes a supporter of your products and our venue assists in ensuring this is the case.

No matter how big or small your market, exhibition or roadshow is, Irene Dairy Farm can offer you a 375sqm marquee, a 250sqm nomadic tent or our Barn conference venue. Markets, exhibitions and roadshows can only take place from Mondays to Fridays and our venues will be adapted to cater for your specific needs.

For a comprehensive quotation on our offerings, please feel free to contact us to discuss your market, exhibition or roadshow idea. Our helpful team will ensure that it’s a great success and we look forward to helping you build your brand.

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Irene Dairy Farm is a cashless environment. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Only food and beverages purchased at The Dairy Shop or Restaurants may be consumed on the farm