Space for the kids to play and run is probably one of the most important things a parent would like any place they visit to have and Irene Farm ticks all the boxes.

Apart from our state of the art jungle gym, we also have a tree swing (which is very popular) and 3 Vaal Japies (tractors) which the kids have hours of endless fun on. Many a picture has been taken with a little one driving a tractor in true farming style.

But our kids entertainment doesn’t end with jungle gyms and tractors, one of the best reasons to visit Irene Farm is all the space they have to run around carefree…

Our lush lawns are always inviting for the occasional jump, roll, handstand and cartwheel. Not to mention the attempted tree climbing, a game of catches, hide and seek, and ‘You’re it’! Parents can relax at either of our restaurants whilst the kids safely entertain themselves. All the fresh air, laughter, fun and excitement will tire them out nicely for a bit of quiet time when you return home (if you time it right, they might even go straight to bed!).

As an added benefit to visiting the farm, play time here can be educational too. Where else in the city can you view the cows being milked, pat a calf in the barn and stroll along the pathways next to open farm fields? Of course, little boys are always in their element looking at creepy crawly bugs and trying to catch butterflies. And if you look closely into our small dam, being careful not to fall in, you will also find fish abound.

Guaranteed fun is a given – when your kids discover all that Irene Farm has to offer, we will be happily welcoming you back time and time again.