As much as we love animals at Irene Farm and we understand that some folk think of their pets as a part of their own family, unfortunately, we do not allow pets visiting.

With the restaurants and The Deli selling food for consumption, our health regulations are rigorous and as such, we feel it inappropriate to allow pets into these facilities.

In addition to this, our Friesland cows are a closed herd meaning that they cannot come into contact with any animal not born and raised on Irene Farm. (We even use artificial insemination to help increase our herd as our closed herd policy is strictly enforced.) Farming with a closed herd is one of the prerequisites for the certification of our raw milk along with amongst other things, the stringent testing of our animals, staff and premises.

Besides, we do think that the temptation to chase our chickens would be too much to bear for visiting pets and this would not be fun for our clucking friends.

Our only exception to our ‘no pets’ policy is guide dogs as we are sure that most of you would agree. Should guide dogs visit our farm then we request that they remain within the immediate areas of the restaurants and The Deli in order to limit the risk of them coming into contact with our herd.

We think of our farm animals, and especially our herd, as our own pets and you are welcome too. When visiting us please feel free to ‘chat’ to our cows and enjoy the serenity of our resident swans. Also remember that our resident pets consider our farm their home so please refrain from ‘invading’ their space – if you spot a Kievit nesting nearby then you will soon learn that they do not like anyone anywhere near their eggs (you have been warned!).s much as we love animals at Irene Farm and we understand that some