Tasting Experiences

Tasting Experiences at The Barn Restaurant

Tasting experiences at The Barn Restaurant include gin, craft beer and milkshakes – something for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately, we are just too busy over the weekends to offer our amazing tastings and ensure a memorable experience. As a result, these amazing tastings can only be offered during weekdays and not on weekends or public holidays.

Bookings are essential – WhatsApp us to book now – https://wa.me/27665169586

Milkshake Tasting

Try a taster of each of our 5 delicious flavours of gourmet milkshakes made from our own farm-fresh milk.

Named after the most common South African cow herds:
Friesland – Vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreos
Ayshire – Seasonal berries, honey and crushed macadamia praline
Nguni – Vanilla ice cream and Kit Kat
Afrikaner – Fudge, toffee sauce and marshmallows
Brahman – Iced hot chocolate and crushed peanut praline

R150 per person

Craft Beer Tasting

Try a taste of each of our 3 craft beers:

A soft, moderately rich malt flavour and aroma with a slightly bitter and dry finish.

A Local premium smooth, easy-drinking, crisp, impeccable, balanced lager.

A very delicate malt profile with an unobtrusive hop character and low level of bitterness.

R150 per person

Tasting experiences at The Barn Restaurant

Gin Tasting

Tasting experiences at The Barn Restaurant begin with The Capital Gin – made here in Pretoria and served as our craft gin of choice. 

Taste and learn about the 3 Capital Gin flavours:

Alchemist: The word conjures up an image of a bustling chemist in a laboratory trying to create the elixir of immortality. The Alchemist has notes of cinnamon, cloves and roasted citrus. Spicy and vibrant, this gin is perfectly paired with Indian food.

Indigo: Tall dark and handsome, this gin reflects confidence and passion.  Flavoured with lavender and rosemary straight from the garden, it is balanced by notes of orange. This gin is big, bold and wonderful in gin-based cocktails.  The robust rosemary and orange flavours stand out wonderfully in a traditional G&T.

Pink Lady: Feminine and floral as she may seem, this Pink Lady can hold her own in any conversation. Flavoured with hibiscus and thyme out of the garden, it is perfectly balanced with vanilla. This is a sipping gin – soft and mellow with gentle grapefruit notes.

R200 per person