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Our Milk

Certified Raw Milk

Irene Farm has been producing and selling Certified Raw Milk to the public for over 120 years. Given our extremely strict and rigorous health, hygiene and maintenance programmes, our milk has always been of the highest quality.

But what exactly is Certified Raw Milk?

Raw milk is unpasteurised and must comply with very strict health conditions in order to be approved as Certified Raw Milk, making it safe and healthy to drink.

Raw Milk is more nutritious and healthier than pasteurised milk as the pasteurising process kills bad bacteria that may be present in the milk and unfortunately, kills much of the good bacteria, vitamins and nutrients at the same time

Some of the healthy nutrients and vitamins in Raw Milk that are degraded or reduced in the pasteurisation process are:

Beneficial bacteria which aid the stomach to function at its best;

Food enzymes which help the digestive process;

  • Immunoglobulins which assist in immunity; and
  • Vitamins A and C, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium as well as magnesium.

Is Certified Raw Milk safe?

It’s best to only drink Certified Raw Milk for safety reasons and not just any raw milk. For raw milk to be classified as Certified Raw Milk, the dairy must comply with the most stringent high standards such as:

  • The dairy herd must be ‘closed and quarantined’, i.e. we never buy in new cows. The only new animals in the herd are our own calves born on the farm.
  • The herd must be vaccinated and tested annually for brucellosis and tuberculosis.
  • The herd must also be vaccinated annually against other diseases such as anthrax.
  • The milk must be tested frequently and randomly for bacteria, brucellosis and other impurities.
  • The milking parlour and equipment must be of a superior standard with a rigorous washing, maintenance and replacement schedule.
  • Irene Farm is pleased to confirm that we comply with all of these standards and more as is evident by the quality and fridge life of our milk.
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