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Team Building

Team building events have been known to strengthen bonds amongst team members, giving them the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed, fun environment. In addition to this, activities can encourage self-development, positive communication and leadership skills whilst at the same time identify and address weaknesses. These events help to improve team morale leaving team members motivated to work harder towards a common goal. It’s a good idea to arrange a team building exercise from time-to-time to ensure your team remains a successful one.

Our open space Farm Field not only allows you a vast area to set up just about any event you could think of (from carnivals and giant inflatables to survival scenarios), but the farm feel and fresh air will ensure an enjoyable outdoors experience. There’s even enough space for team members to have five minutes of individual reflection once the day is done. There aren’t any other team building venues around that can offer you a ‘farmyard’ feel without actually leaving the hustle and bustle of the city.

Let us know what you have in mind and we will assist in any way that we can. Please note all teambuilding events are available Monday – Friday. Contact us for further details. We look forward to ensuring your team building event is as successful as the future of your team.

Amooozing Race

The Amooozing Race is designed to engage participants with interactive, fun-filled activities that will bring every team member closer together. Complete with certificates, bandanas and prizes, this teambuilding offering is well worth it.
Individuals will be divided into maximum 6 teams, each team to appoint a team leader.
Each team receives different coloured bandanas and a packet with their first clue, a visitor’s guide that includes a map of the property and a tree & bird guide. Be sure to refer to your guides for assistance!
There is a FAST FORWARD option available, where you skip all the clues and challenges and head straight to finish line (if successful).
Each team will go off in intervals of 5 minutes.
Each team’s starting and finishing time will be captured and the winning team will be the team who did the Amooozing race in the least time.
Look out for the Amooozing race officials at the various points.

Amooozing Race is R5000 for this experience for 30 PAX

Over 30 PAX we charge a surcharge of R 175 per person

Add a meal with your experience

+ R5 000,00 for Braai Masterclass.

Menu Charge:
Chef Choice @ R275 per person

Please note that an additional venue hire fee is applicable for groups of more than 25 guests

Potjiekos Competition

Potjieskos Group Competition
• Team building Group is divided into teams
• Potjie pots, gas stoves, ingredients provided
• Full briefing is given regarding the rules to be followed: 5 Minute briefing from chef | 10 Minutes to plan and create ingredients basket (selected from the harvest table) | 20 minutes prep time | up to 2 hours cooking time
• The extensive range of ingredients, sauces, herbs, etc… provides teams with the freedom to prepare the potjie to their specification.
• Teams are required to explain up-front what their potjies will taste like on completion and must create a painted marketing board for their meal
• Judging follows strict culinary guidelines and judging is done on taste / presentation / creative use of ingredients / time / teamwork / skill
• Participants eat their own creations, served with traditional salads and accompaniments (chef’s choice), and includes dessert
R5000 for this experience
Menu Charge:
Chef Choice @ R275 per person
Maximum 40

Ice Cream Making

In groups of 3 make your own ice cream by choosing your own flavours and have a sundae making competition with your colleagues.
• Team building group is divided into teams
• Ice cream makers, gas stoves, ingredients are provided
• Full briefing is given regarding the rules to be followed: 10 – 15 Minute briefing and cooking demonstration | 15 – 20 minutes prep time to make the ice cream
• The extensive range of ingredients, condiments, sauces, alcohol, etc… provides teams with the freedom to flavour the ice cream to their specification.
• Teams are required to name and blend their ice cream
• Judging follows strict culinary guidelines, judging happens on taste / presentation / creative use of ingredients and name / description
• Participants eat their own creations
R3000 for this experience
Maximum 32

Braai Master Class

An interactive Braai lesson with our Executive Chef.
Learn how to Braai the perfect steak and win our Braai Master title.
• Team building Group is divided into teams
• Equipment and Utensils are provided
• Full briefing is given regarding the rules to be followed
• 2 hours from start to eating
• Participants eat their own creations, served with chef’s choice of accompaniments
• Contestants will get tips from Chef
R5000 for this Braai experience
Menu Charge:

Chef Choice @ R275 per person
Maximum 30

Wine Tasting

The Wine Team Challenge delivers a fun, competitive and uniquely memorable wine tasting team building experience perfect for the end of the day meetings. It’s also an ideal event before or after a terrific dinner.
Your team is greeted by our knowledgeable Sommelier, giving participants a brief, interactive and fun introduction to wine, then leading the group in a white and red wine tasting.
Selection of 3 wines
R150 per person
Above 30: Informal group/roaming set up roam from one table to the next
Below 30: Taste and learn about the 3 wines
Maximum 30

Group Yoga Session

Book a private session for your group and calm your soul in nature. Our in-house Yoga instructor will have the team relaxed and ready for the day.
R3500 for this experience
Maximum 25

Self-guided tour of the Irene Farm

Free of charge
A fun interactive lesson about the history as well as the cows on the farm. Use the visitor map to guide you, click here for the Irene Farm map…

Watch the cows getting milked at our viewing gallery and learn how it was done back in the day. We pride ourselves with 65 different types of bird life and a wide variety of trees, spotting the species becomes a lovely adventure. We also have a protected tree on the farm, click through to learn all about this amazing tree.

Float your boat

Bring your own or buy a boat at the onsite Deli
Assemble and paint a wooden boat. Then watch the boat go down the moat to the dam, catch it and start again. This is a great activity to see who paints the best as well as who can get their boat to go the fastest down the moat.

Maximum of 30

Craft Beer Tasting

Bookings are essential
Try a taste of each of our 3 craft beers.
Light & Fruity with floral, melony and tropical fruit characteristics. Light to moderate malty aroma. Fresh and clean smell on the nose
A soft, moderately rich malt flavour & aroma with a slightly bitter and dry finish
A very delicate malt profile with an unobtrusive hop character & low level of bitterness
R150 per person
Maximum 30

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