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Over the years Irene Farm has become a very popular location for various photo shoots. From family portraits to engagement shoots, we enjoy making our beautiful setting the perfect backdrop for such memories.
However, we do request that should your primary purpose of visiting our farm be for a pre-arranged photo shoot, then a monetary donation is to be made to Smuts House Museum in return.

Click here to follow the steps and we will email you your permit prior to your photo shoot.

You can also call the office on 012 667 1000 or email us at:

Please note that we do not allow wedding photo shoots at The Irene Farm.

Donations received are passed on to the Smuts House Museum and they utilise the much-needed funds for the upkeep and everyday expenses of the museum. Smuts House Museum is a very popular and historical tourist attraction in Irene.
Any photo shoot arrangements must be done in advance and we trust that all parties wanting to use our farm will respect this.

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