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Breads & Savoury Treats


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Breads & Savoury TreatsPriceQuantity 
Snacktime Crackers (400g)R89.99
Portugese Rolls (6)R23.99
Wholewheat Bread Rolls (6)R23.99
Mini CheddarsR7.99
Pringles (110g) - OriginalR43.99
Pringles (110g) - Sour CreamR43.99
Pringles (110g) - Salt & VinegarR43.99


  • A wide range of homemade cookies, rusks, cakes, sweet loaves and the best milk tart in town!
  • Irene Farm’s famous homemade pies and gourmet lunch sandwiches.
  • Locally cured biltong and dry wors.
  • Variations of ice cream, slush puppies and fresh popcorn to enjoy on the farm or on the go.
  • Homemade jams, pickles, relishes and a large range of Peels honey products as well as locally produced honey and fresh honeycomb.
  • A wide range of imported and local cheese as well as cold meats.
  • Pasta’s and pasta sauces.
  • A health section including wheat and gluten free as well as sugar free products.
  • A varied selection of coffees (beans, ground and instant), teas and iced coffees.
  • Assorted beverages including Frankies Old Fashioned range, homemade ginger beer, Elgin iced teas and fresh fruit juices.
  • Assorted sweet treats for young and old.

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Breads & Savoury Treats

Snacktime Crackers (400g), Portugese Rolls (6), Wholewheat Bread Rolls (6), Mini Cheddars, Pringles (110g) – Original, Pringles (110g) – Sour Cream, Pringles (110g) – Salt & Vinegar

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