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Hertzoggies (8)R82.99
Individual Portion Lemon MeringueR28.99
Individual Portion Chocolate MouseR28.99
Individual Portion Peppermint TartR28.99
Individual Portion CheesecakeR28.99


Modern times are trending towards what yesteryear’s were like and so it’s no wonder that The Deli continues to grow in popularity. More and more people are wanting to return to basic good health.
Those of us who remember our milk being delivered to our doorsteps will love the experience of nostalgia a visit to The Deli brings. Just like the cream used to rise to the top (causing a fight over who would get to scoop it off!), so our farm shop will remind you of the good old days.

Offering a wide range of farm fresh milk and produce, a visit to The Deli is always a treat.

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Hertzoggies (8), Lamingtons (12), Chocolate Wheels (8), Individual Portion Lemon Meringue, Individual Portion Chocolate Mouse, Individual Portion Peppermint Tart, Individual Portion Cheesecake, Koeksisters

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