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As we all know, there is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’. Whether it’s a corporate exercise or a school team looking to build some ‘gees’, team building activities are an important aspect to any team as they encourage the development of individual team members,

in turn, improving the team’s overall performance. Our Farm Field is ideal for large groups as it offers 42,000m² of open space and fresh air.



Our famous Sunday Lunch Buffet served from 12h00-15h00, is the ultimate farm style, home cooked buffet.  Whilst The Barn Restaurant is being upgraded, buffet-style dining can be enjoyed all weekend at The Pasture, a pop-up restaurant on one of the Farm’s luscious green pastures.

Bookings are now open for Easter Sunday Lunch Buffet – BOOK NOW


With loads of space to run and a fun jumping castle, the kids will be entertained for hours. A walk around the farm to the calves in their paddocks (where you can feed them a little bit of hay) or the swans on the lakes is exciting for everyone and if you are lucky enough one of our roosters may even greet you along the way. If your party takes place in the afternoon, you can end off the day at the farm with a viewing of the cows being milked.


The Deli not only stocks all of the old favourites but additional deli-served items too. Fresh bread, cold meats, cheeses, platters and home-cooked ready made meals are just a few of the new offerings. Favorites include Curry and Rice, Lasagna,  Banting Chicken Alfredo, and many more.
Boasting a beautiful brand new Irene stone-inspired entrance with an extended car park, visitors will enjoy the farm life atmosphere from the moment they drive onto the beautiful property. A circle drop-off section at the end of the entrance drive will make the whole farm more accessible for young and old alike. Our famous wishing fountain with iconic Mom & Calf statue has been moved towards the walkway entrance of the farm, where all the proceeds will continue to be donated to local charities. Being a working dairy farm steeped in wonderful history, we have installed a history wall around the fountain filled with interesting facts and sharing our story with all our guests.

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