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A Burghers’ Refugee Camp (Concentration Camp) of about 5,000 people was sited at Irene on both sides of the river, and relics are still to be found in these areas. The hospital was sited where the hotel site now JS and the cemetery is opposite the Irene School. Many people unfortunately died in the camp due to the spreading of disease. Among those who worked hard for the improvement of conditions was Johanna van Warmelo and another was Major Bruce after whom the street on which the school stands was named. There were also some casualties amongst the soldiers, one of whom was killed when he walked up to one of Mr. van der Byl’s Sable Antelope thinking it was tame; alas its sharp horns went through him like a sword! One of the problems in the camp had been the lack of pure water, but a pure supply was found and then there was much less sickness.

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